• the beauty of simplicity •

i actually didn’t want to post this photo to my ig. this shot isn’t perfect perhaps. this shot is lack of techniques in photography. but somehow this is one of my fave shots in #myanmar. i just showed it to several people, told them how much i loved her expression. told them that everytime i saw this picture i would smile.

the story behind this picture wasn’t heroic, it was just an auspicious coincidence. i was sitting at the bus station near sule pagoda in #yangon, #myanmar, waiting for my friends. we wanted to go to the market after pacing in some alleyways of the city of yangon. there, in front of me, was a bus full of novices. they were about to go back to their monastery after visiting the pagoda.

she was there, sitting in silence meanwhile the temperature on that day was over 40 degree celsius and the bus had no air conditioner. some of her friends read books, some talked to each other with a low tone of voice.

i snapped without looking at my camera’s screen. i just didn’t want to lose her expression–the expression that reminds me of the reason why i am in love with #myanmar.

myanmar is beautiful in its simplicity. just like her.

#southeastasia #sea #asia #travel

thanks to my sony dsc-rx100 for capturing this picture.

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